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Tarifa Video 2013

So here it is, enjoy the short sharp cut, feedback welcome as I will be making a part 2 at some point…

Some thoughts about the trip:
It was a fun trip with a tough ending, I had a pretty hard time and still get affected a little bit by the hit to the head. It was a hard impact with a lot of speed although not the highest attempt at a double forward. It kind of goes to show that it is pretty easy to have quite bad accidents if you get a bit complacent with using things like helmets and impact vests, they are there to be used and I most certainly will be putting one on before I try it again.

The trip itself was really cool, we had good wind most of the time, we travelled north to Portugal and scored some great sessions in the Lagoon there. I was keen to work on my technical moves and claimed a couple of new ones for me that I hadn’t really tried, you can see it in the video… haha!

I went solo on the cutting of this video, I was keen to try out a style that some people may recognise from a video produced in the snowboarding scene, the song is also from that video but I hadn’t seen it in windsurfing before so gave it my best. I had some helpful pointers from Blacklab’s Josh Willmot which was pretty cool and I plan to make a second part in the coming weeks with footage from 2012 and the rest of the Tarifa footage. I really enjoy editing videos and plan to do a lot more of it this year, so I hope you like them…haha

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Random Video Update – Culo Crazy

Just thought I’d share a move clip that obviously can’t make the cut of the video but I figured a few people would like to see some of the conditions we had in Tarifa. It was a mixed bag, generally really nice days but we had about 4 days of cloud and rain but the wind still blew. This is shot in the lagoon, a really sweet freestyle spot that lit up in poniente winds. Aside from that I also wanted to throw up a couple cool video clips I’d seen recently, just to share the incredible shots that they captured.

First up the Culo… Low light, rain and one hell of a water droplet…

I saw this pretty epic video clip just this evening and figured it was worth a share. Truly stunning shots!

This clip is one that I’ve watched A LOT in the two months since it came out and thought it was about time to share it to those unlucky enough to have missed out.

Ok and a song… yep maybe a small copy from my friend and part-time flat buddy Max Matissek and his blog, but this is cool in a sense that I always found it hard to truly appreciate songs where I can’t make out even at least a little bit of the lyrics, but this band somehow buck that trend, it might take a couple of plays to really get it (for the UK folk) but when you do it’s awesome. One for the long drive playlist, these guys have helped me cover 1,000’s of K’s in my van as I cross Europe on my adventures.

Back to that rainy lagoon windsurf, here is a snap mid-move and a ‘hair’ shot, the weather really did put up a weak fight against how much fun our session was that day. As for the overall video, it’s getting there, it’s not packed full of the latest crazy moves but more a sense of lifestyle. It’s a pretty fun edit so far I think…



Hey and if you missed it check out the proto we were working on in Tarifa for BR Fins, complete with it’s on multi-purpose fin case… CLICK HERE


BR Fins – Officially Signed


Ready for the new season, I’m stoked to have been working close with BR Fins on the new carbon textreme fin weighing in at under 150 grams!! Light, stiff, fast , spinny, responsive and a sick graphic, it ticks literally all the boxes!

BR Fins, massive gusts and a Granny helping me out my wetsuit

So yesterday we had a little adventure to a spot near Vienna, myself, BR and Chri made the journey to Greifindor (Greifenstein) and I figured I’d warm back into it slowly, my foot wasn’t really feeling that stable so doing too much slidy gayness was out of the question… what a shame… Anyway was a good session and happy to have hit the water but I’m most happy about the 4.6 Quad I was using and the BR fin I had a go on for the first time. It really was the perfect shape and size was really easy to use – controllable yet playful, with a sick graphic. Hopefully I will get another test tomorrow before hitting the road for the UK, I’ll make sure I report back on the fin again soon. Funniest part was probably coming in before the others and trying to get out of my wetsuit, was one of those ones with the zip across the back, after a lot of struggling I got it far enough that I could get my head out but then realised this didn’t help, in the end a granny was out strolling with her dog, obviously hadn’t noticed the sideways rain at that point, and she came over and combined with me pulling on the roof rack strap that I had attached to the zipper jobby, I was free, she then said that I should lose some weight so it’s not so tight….. ooook!

Images below were all taken by Max ‘BR’ Brinnich.


Sailloft’s Sailloft

So it only took a week or so to get round to it but I recently had the pleasure of heading up to Hamburg for a visit to Sailloft’s Sailloft. It’s the second time I’ve been there so nothing new upon arrival apart from the fact that I would be sleeping literally in the Sailloft and I would be there for 48 hours. It was actually really cool as I felt like I was in a real part of windsurfings core. We all know that Germany is the biggest windsurfing nation in the world, and if you didn’t you do now, so to be at the HQ of one of the leading brands and to spend 48 hours developing brand new prototypes and really having deep discussions about why things work and what solutions we could come up with without resorting to materials that we really didn’t want to go near, was great.


From top down – Sails boxed and ready, the bed rolled up, the sail being worked on, the tools of practice…

The main aim for my trip was to help develop the Quad range, to see if we can do anything to it to suit the PWA freestyler as much as the weekend warrior (a very hard task seeing as it works so well at the moment). In the end we cut and stuck two prototypes ready for the next stage of testing and have a whole stack of ideas for the coming year. So the R’n’D process will continue for the next 6 months with input from all the international team riders and hopefully then be ready in time to produce a fresh new 2014 sail, for 2014.

To be honest that’s about as much as I can say right now but I’m stoked to be a part of a brand that is so pro-active and avoids cutting any corners to make a quick buck. On top of that is the Sailloft Quad+ which won the top spot in the recent German Surf Mag test. Pretty good going especially as they took the top spot for the original version of the Sailloft Quad last year.


Ha Tarifa! To sum it up – Windsurfing, Surfing, SUPing, Windsurfing, Windsurfing, Hospital, CT Scan, X-rays, Windsurfing, Hospital, X-Rays, Horses, Pony Ride, double forward to face, damn f***ing ponch, driving, driving, party, fancy dress, beer, sunsets, sunrise, warm, cold, warm, 40 hours drive, Portugal, Sagres, windsurfing, windsurfing, not necessarily in that order.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 14.27.49

So I’m back in Austria now for a few days before heading up to Hamburg to catch up about the new Sailloft sails and discuss the plans for next years range. After that it’s UK bound for some time and to hit the road around some of the UK’s finest freestyle, wave and freeride locations with all the Patrik/Sailloft demo gear. So if you want to try any of it then get in touch and I’ll try to swing by a spot near you.

As for Tarifa, it was a really cool place to go to, I’d had it on my list for years now and it certainly met all expectations, it’s kind of a Cape Town in miniature and yet at the same time it has a very English feel to the landscape/water at this time of the year. I’m currently writing a feature with a friend of mine BR (from BR Fins) who travelled with me about heading there and a whole lot more so won’t give too much away as it should be a pretty cool one with video, plenty of pics and some text to go along with it. Perhaps a 2 part feature, we shall see.

I imagine most people are interested in me doing the classic hospital trips, well I do certainly have video footage but am working on a personal video about that soon. However, Boards kindly posted a bit of news about it not so long ago, you can see that here ( and all I can say is that I’m still getting weird feelings from my head and it is over a week later, I was told (yesterday) that it can take up to 2 weeks to for any swelling to go down and sport should be taken easy in that time, good job I hit the water on day 3 then and no wonder I keep hearing random ringing in both my ears still! Any advice on head injuries/concussion welcome, either in the comments section below or message me. Anyway that’s not all of it… I also ended up in hospital a second time after crashing a ponch. I wanted to train the ponch as it is how I busted my left foot almost two years ago now. So for most of the trip it was going ok then I figured I should see what I can add on to the end of the move, came in full power, didn’t turn off the wind enough and halfway through the move my footstrap came out (completely forgot to tighten it, new board and a couple weeks in, stupid error!). This resulted in the board stopping the move and my body continuing through it. The pain was savage and I was convinced I had broken it, however it turns out that it’s not broken but instead I’ve either torn or very much over stretched all the ligaments that connect the joints in the middle of the foot. Kind of hard to explain but there are quite a few of them there (you have 103 in total in the foot) and they are responsible for any twisting motion across the middle of the foot. I’m walking on it but pretty slowly and now focus hard on physio, to make sure it’s ready as soon as possible.

Two Reasons To Be Stoked

The picture below shows two very good reasons why I’m completely stoked right now – 1x new sponsor (more about NEFF here) and 1x trophy is in the house. A huge thank you to all the support and everyone that voted for me. Time to celebrate a little this weekend then Tarifa is calling, a new place for me and one I’m really looking forwards to.


Move Tips – The Shaka

The Shaka

Raley style take-off, just the twist of the body into the wind is different

There really are a bunch of different techniques to learn the move but I’m pretty sure what I’m about to explain is slightly away from the norm (well the ‘Going higher, further and sliding’ bit anyway). To me it makes a lot of sense and I think it helps give some pretty decent style points when it comes to doing the move. It’s also the right method for learning how to do backside 360’s (wave shakas). However, if you are at the real beginning then you will first need to learn the rotation, read on…

Read on here – THE SHAKA

Any questions or move requests please leave a comment or get in touch, my details are on the contact page.

Move tips – The kono

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 20.05.22

So hopefully one or two people tuned in a couple days ago for the forward loop technique, if not, take a look at my last post and follow the link. I’ve now completed the Kono and once again I hope there is something in there of use. I would focus mainly on ducking the sail because you need to be able to do this everytime anyway, so that is the first ‘move’ to master. Also it will help when it comes to the culo and other moves I start uploading.

For now here is THE KONO – CLICK HERE

Any questions or move requests please leave a comment or get in touch, my details are on the contact page.

Move Tips – The Forward Loop

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 20.04.39

Having found a bit of free time on my hands (that probably means I’ve forgotten something important…) I’ve decided to finally get on with the moves and tips I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The idea was to make podcasts originally but I haven’t yet got a decent mic so have stepped back from that, however I hope to be able to do something whilst out in Tarifa during February. For now I hope you find these useful enough, there should be a fresh move every couple of days during the next week.

For now a nice Sunday evening read on the FORWARD LOOP – CLICK HERE.

The idea is to hopefully make a bit from donations to invest into further clips and stepping them up in the future, so if you find it insightful or helpful then please feel free to make a little contribution. Nothing is compulsory so if it’s not possibly to throw anything towards it then that’s cool but just enjoy and please leave any questions or comments. You’ll find out how to leave tips on the move page.


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