brightair goes off….

No wind as expected but as I said before the event there was certainly loads to do which was cool. Climbing walls, simulators, zorbes, wakeboarding, high divers, bands, parties, freestyle jet skiers doing barrel rolls in the air off flat water and the list goes on and on and on, wish they had that stuff… Continue Reading

Mini Pozo

Got out today for a few hours at Mini Pozo (Greatstone), was on 4.7 but could have been on 4.2 easy. Was awesome fun, big shakas on the way out as well as backies, pushies and practiced those port tack forwards… being a south coast boy we don’t get this port tack stuff very often… Continue Reading

National Windsurfing Festival 2009

What an awesome event. Each year this event seems to work so well, even if there is hardly any wind or if it’s howling and despite the presence of a main sponsor Alan Cross did and awesome job at getting it all organised, a massive thanks to him. I decided to enter the night windsurf… Continue Reading

Busted UJ…

Got out at Camber early last week and was on 4.2 for about half an hour when my UJ snapped right out back. Was about a kilometer out and I managed to wave a friend over for some help. As we tried to tie the rig onto the back of his board for him to… Continue Reading