Sweet bit of coverage

Got a wikid little article into x-sport mag the online free extreme sports mag. Click Here to see it got a nice shot on the inside cover and then an article from page 14, with a double spread photo on the first two pages….siiiick!


Just returned early from the Tiree Wave Classic. Pretty epic 1500 mile round trip!!! It’s a shame the forecast died right off and it doesn’t look like there will be much to hold the rest of this double let alone try and start another single elimination. I’m hoping for my result they at least finish… Continue Reading

England No Wind

Not been much wind about lately so have been working in an office for three weeks, only missed one day of wind and managed to escape early on the other good day so not missed a whole lot really. Heading up to Tiree this weekend with SJ, forecast looks good for first three days, so… Continue Reading