Jeri Video Up online

Hi everyone, I’ve just finished making my short movie from my time in Jeri (the link is below). I hope you like it, I’ve had some awesome feedback from a few people who have seen it already, take a look and see for yourself. Also a bit sneaky but thought I would take this chance… Continue Reading

Skiing and video

Back from a weeks skiing in Austria, was awesome and made for a nice little break from windsurfing after doing it everyday for 5 weeks and then all summer. Feeling very christmasy at home at the moment, the trees up, lights on and did the old christmas shopping today, not as bad as i thought… Continue Reading

A light day or two

Yesterday was pretty light and in the end i decided to take a day off after a full power 4 weeks, its been pretty intense windsurfing everyday. We are off to the lagoon tomorrow and maybe the day after for some filming, then hopefully to Camosine on Sunday. It’s supposed to be super flat which… Continue Reading