Pozo day 1/2 and move to RRD sails

It’s not really going off here in Pozo at the moment, the wind is there (stacked on 4.5 yesterday afternoon) and all the pros are out still busting the usual tricks but off waves that are no more than two foot at best! Didn’t stop Koster, Campello and Fernandez busting out doubles and tweaked pushies… Continue Reading

3…2…1…outta here

Off to the canaries tomorrow for 6 weeks. First stop Pozo for one week then we are staying in Costa Calma right by Sotavento. I’ve got a few hours to pack now, I’ll see if I can’t get some pics/a list of it all and get it up on here just before I leave tomorrow.… Continue Reading

Sunset sessions

So this week we have had wind basically everyday from the north east! I decided to venture north to Whitstable to sneak in some evening sessions as I heard it was going to be good at the Street. It well and truly fired. Tuesday, I arrived about 6.00ish and met up with my friend Josh… Continue Reading


Having looked around the forums lately there are a lot of depressed and negative people at the moment… a lot of complaints about a lack of wind… Don’t really understand why, well maybe I do a little bit but there is still some about, I’ve got out pretty much every week even if it’s just… Continue Reading


It’s been pretty light here in the UK so have been getting down to some hardcore work which isn’t all that bad. Despite the lack of wind I have actually managed to get out quite a bit, keeping the moves up but not really learning anything new. Anyway I’m off to Pozo and Fuerte for… Continue Reading

BWA Ireland Amateur wave champion

Got back from Ireland a couple weeks ago and had an amusing trip… check the boards mag for a full write up on that by George and Muzza from team tushingham. In short, a lot of emptying eachothers vans, turning things upside down, putting wheelie bins in vans, playing golf, windsurfing, windsurfing, windsurfing, surfing, pub,… Continue Reading