Fat Face photo shoot

Here is a quick snapshot of what was going on yesterday at the fat face photoshoot. It was a really fun day and the photographers were brilliant, if not a little crazy 😉 shouting at us to get closer and closer on each run until eventually I shot by about 4 inches from the lens… Continue Reading

blogging hell!!

So a quick blog update!! My comp has been down for sometime now, so using oneof my brothers but to keep anyone who is interested in the loop I came thrid at the freestyle nationals, which I was really happy about as I made the podium, which I knew wasn’t going to be easy. I… Continue Reading

Surprise sessions are the best!!!

Just got back from a power hour on the water at Camber and it was one of the best sessions I have had at home in a looong time. It was so quiet down there, maybe 5 windsurfers and 5 kites. Some good stunt rumps, pushing shoulder high every now and again. Fully powered on… Continue Reading

National Windsurfing Festival 2010

Photos: Ed Texier from Oceansource.net As per usual the National Windsurfing Festival was on top form this weekend. Loads of people competing, 300+ is what I heard. I had a good event myself, 8th overall in the racing which I’m pretty happy about as I have never done a proper weekend series of races before.… Continue Reading

Fuerte Video

So I just put my video up last night and its already gone a bit mental, almost 5000 hits in 12 hours… and that’s been over night… Take a look. Basically it’s a whole load of footage caught from before this Summers PWA event that I entered in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. First PWA event for… Continue Reading