Pics, Tiree and more

Having received a few really nice shots from JC yesterday has kind of inspired me to write up how Tiree panned out for me. We had a pretty epic drive up, stopping at Boardwise on the way for Bubble to pick up some gear and for Greg to grab some much needed fast food. It… Continue Reading

Tiree fun and games

So tiree has been pretty quiet as you may be aware… But looks like we are meeting at the beach for first possible start at 3! For a lot of no wind days we seem to have been getting up to quite a bit, I managed to lose my bumper the other night but it… Continue Reading

The long road to Tiree and 88TTT test

Could be my last post until after Tiree as I still don’t have my mac back…good work Apple…. Had an epic journey up here!! 13 hour drive, one stop at Tunbridge Wells and one at Boardwise in Cannock! Literally never had the van more rammed with kit..something like 15/16 boards in total and too many… Continue Reading