Whitstable and tweet club

Met up with Max Rowe to sample the delights of Whitstable today. Despite being super light, it was actually good fun. Could have done with my 100l TT instead of the 88 but other than that all was good. Couple of snaps below (video stills):  Really really light winds (kiters in the background on 13m…whatever… Continue Reading

Cape Town done and dusted

So got back from Cape Town yesterday! Awesome flight, really empty so had a whole row of 8 seats to myself = 8 hours of solid sleep!! To save a massive write up you’ll have to check my column in the Feb issue of boards. Anyway last few days were awesome, here are a few… Continue Reading


So have been in Cape Town for a week and a half now, with a week and a half to go! Time is flying by! In a quick summary, the flight was good, the first few days were all about surfing as there was nothing in terms of wind, but the surf was good. Was… Continue Reading