Wind Jinx!!!

I’m not really a massive complainer or do I think I’m much of a wind jinx, but after checking the forecast I feel I may become both… We leave to Austria today to a landlocked windless lake (well maybe a bit of wind on monday) for my first PWA event of the year. We are… Continue Reading

Hayling Freestyle – Round 1

So the weekend didn’t really turn out very windy at all… infact I think it must have been 5 knots or less 99% of the time. We had a couple light wind freestyle contests which was great for my dodgey foot. Then to cap it off we had a bit of a tow in freestyle… Continue Reading


So with 3 events coming up in such a short amount of time it looks like we are on for a bit of a road trip… Good job we’ve got a double bank holiday weekend to prepare for it. The plan begins with the Hayling event, then we (Max, Bubble, Bry, Drume’d, Global and myself)… Continue Reading

Val Thorens skiing and what’s in store…

So just got back from a week’s skiing with Emily and her Uni friends. Absolutely awesome week. The snow wasn’t too bad, the apres ski was pretty intense and the fancy dress was brilliant. Still having issues with the foot though…not good :s A few pictures below of the apres ski and the actual skiing. I’ve… Continue Reading

The foot the foot

Went on an adventure to A’n’E last night to get my foot checked up by someone that wasn’t going to tell me it will be ‘ready in six days’…ready for what? Anyway, sat around for almost two hours and had a couple more x-rays. The verdict…well originally I was told nothing was broken by the… Continue Reading


(Pictures below) Just arrived home late last night after a bit of a hectic last day, I somehow managed to smash my left foot in to my board one hour before our transfer was supposed to arrive. So I shot in to town and had a quick X-ray and got some ‘fixation’ as the doctor… Continue Reading