Pimp my shed.com

Had a bit of clean up the other day, finding out what boards I have under the cobwebs and Bubble was about, getting ready for Bonaire. Everything was in a bit of a mess so we decided to convert this empty garage/shed thing I have at home. It may not be in Hawaii but it… Continue Reading

EFPT Sardinia – Tow In

So the tow in just finished here in Sardinia and it was pretty choppy, which I kind of prefer anyway as it gives you a ramp to aim for. We had a training session yesterday and then the qualifying heats. 22 guys entered and the top 8 went through to the final session today. In… Continue Reading

EFPT Sardinia

Ok so no pictures yet so will keep it short. Just arrived in Sardinia for the EFPT event, it was super last minute and kind of regretting not checking the forecast now… anyway I’ll post a bit of a report of what’s going on here a bit later with whatever pics I can get hold… Continue Reading