Operation operation

Sooo the date is set, I’ll be going under the knife on the 21st November. It means I’m technically not allowed to windsurf for 6 weeks but who ever let that stop them… To be honest considering the year I have had I feel like this is a small price to pay. With this kicking off… Continue Reading

EFPT Interview

Dominque from the EFPT put this unique interview together when I met up with him Vienna a week or so ago. Pretty different style to the traditional interview format, cool though. Have a read here…. http://www.efpt.net/newsdetails.php?n_id=451 Pics:– Hanna Poschinger– getwindsurfing.com

My massive foot issues!

So I’m sure quite a few people know already that I have had ongoing problems with my foot. In particular my left big toe. Now although this is a small part of the body it’s become quite obvious that it is fairly useful when it comes to common day activities like standing/balancing/walking/etc… so when I’m… Continue Reading

Latest video

So I made this video recently from that epic session we had at West Witterings a couple of weeks ago. It’s only a minute long but the session was so full power everyone just wanted to sail and also I think the camera battery ran out… so here it is.. 50 knots of full power… Continue Reading