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Red Bull and Foot update

So I got back from Austria a few days ago for Christmas. It’s been a super nice couple of days, doing my second favourite thing…eating! That’s only because I’m still holding myself off the water for now. I mean I’m sure I could probably windsurf but I know I would just push myself and it would be back to square one…

On my return then at 4am in the morning I was greeted with another load of Red Bull…looks like I’m on some unofficial light-weight sponsorship deal then?! Not really sure what’s happening with them but thanks for hooking me up again and let’s see where this one leads…

Yeh so the foot is pretty much heeled. The scar is clean and I’ve got some movement back to it. Although no more than before, but I’m hoping, with a bit of wiggling it everyday, this should be much closer to normal by the time I am in Cape Town, in just over a month!!!

Some big news to release soon, so keep an eye out as I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

Until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Regular Kono at West Kirby just after being crowned 2011 UK Freestyle Champion. Photo – Hanna Poschinger