The video test

Looks like you can post a video from your phone but if you go to update it, it doesn’t work and removes it. So here is a video post that I won’t touch! A friend trying a front flip on a snowboard-

The possibilities are endless

Ok so to keep this quick as I just wrote out all the details and cancelled it! Nice one! Just testing how far I can go with this new WordPress site in terms of linking in to social media. I’m currently updating from my phone whilst abroad through the WordPress app. Everything should be linked… Continue Reading

Life’s path is a funny thing…

Shaka in the last heat of the ‘day’ at PWA Austria A quick welcome to my new site then and check out the round up of 2011 below along with, what’s in store…epic! So not much in terms of updates in the last month or two. Well not compared to what I used to. There… Continue Reading