Photo time and UK

Right so a quick update. I’ve had some really good sessions in Austria recently and now with the UK about to go off it looks like the sessions should just continue. I won’t write too much, just here are a few snaps. I’ll be hitting up West Witterings tomorrow, Friday and most likely over the… Continue Reading

Patrik – New Sponsors, New Video

Totally and utterly stoked to be announcing this news. So after much uncertainty in the last few months with just about everything it seems that patience, time and effort have paid off and I’m super happy to say that I have officially joined the Patrik International team. Despite endless work to get on other international… Continue Reading

NEW VIDEO: Lunch Break 10.0

Being in Vienna has its advantages, a quick Lunch Break with nine friends down at the Bridge. In 15 minutes you can be sailing full power on a 10-15knot forecast! It’s an incredible place and awesome fun because everyone pushes each other a lot as you are all so close together. Although it is pretty… Continue Reading