PWA Fuerte round 1

Just a quick one. Well that was a shocking start! A bit unexpected if I’m honest. I was hoping to do a little better then get knocked out first round. Probably something to do with being a bit underpowered, horrible chop and thinking the competition area was important… Not really making up excuses, I didn’t… Continue Reading

Fuerte – Training update 2

Ok so some more pictures, words and video action now… Having been here for almost two weeks we’ve scored epic conditions for the whole time… until day 1 of the competition! Literally as soon as the PWA Slalom was meant to kick off the light wind effect known as calima has set in. The forecast… Continue Reading

Fuerte – WTF

Photos – Oli Stauffacher So I’ve been here two days and it’s been crazy getting back into sailing on 4.2 completely stacked. It’s been a long time since I really had sessions like this and one thing I know for sure, I’ve missed it!! The last 48 hours have been a fast learning curve for… Continue Reading