Two Reasons To Be Stoked

The picture below shows two very good reasons why I’m completely stoked right now – 1x new sponsor (more about NEFF here) and 1x trophy is in the house. A huge thank you to all the support and everyone that voted for me. Time to celebrate a little this weekend then Tarifa is calling, a new place for me and one I’m really looking forwards to.


Move Tips – The Shaka

The Shaka

Raley style take-off, just the twist of the body into the wind is different

There really are a bunch of different techniques to learn the move but I’m pretty sure what I’m about to explain is slightly away from the norm (well the ‘Going higher, further and sliding’ bit anyway). To me it makes a lot of sense and I think it helps give some pretty decent style points when it comes to doing the move. It’s also the right method for learning how to do backside 360’s (wave shakas). However, if you are at the real beginning then you will first need to learn the rotation, read on…

Read on here – THE SHAKA

Any questions or move requests please leave a comment or get in touch, my details are on the contact page.

Move tips – The kono

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 20.05.22

So hopefully one or two people tuned in a couple days ago for the forward loop technique, if not, take a look at my last post and follow the link. I’ve now completed the Kono and once again I hope there is something in there of use. I would focus mainly on ducking the sail because you need to be able to do this everytime anyway, so that is the first ‘move’ to master. Also it will help when it comes to the culo and other moves I start uploading.

For now here is THE KONO – CLICK HERE

Any questions or move requests please leave a comment or get in touch, my details are on the contact page.

Move Tips – The Forward Loop

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 20.04.39

Having found a bit of free time on my hands (that probably means I’ve forgotten something important…) I’ve decided to finally get on with the moves and tips I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The idea was to make podcasts originally but I haven’t yet got a decent mic so have stepped back from that, however I hope to be able to do something whilst out in Tarifa during February. For now I hope you find these useful enough, there should be a fresh move every couple of days during the next week.

For now a nice Sunday evening read on the FORWARD LOOP – CLICK HERE.

The idea is to hopefully make a bit from donations to invest into further clips and stepping them up in the future, so if you find it insightful or helpful then please feel free to make a little contribution. Nothing is compulsory so if it’s not possibly to throw anything towards it then that’s cool but just enjoy and please leave any questions or comments. You’ll find out how to leave tips on the move page.

European Freestyle Pro Tour – Rider of the Year


Super stoked to be officially announcing this now. Having had the interviews, etc… I just wanted to write a quick word of thanks to my sponsors and the people that supported and helped through 2012. In particular Patrik Diethelm and Sailloft Hamburg who both took me on board and have given me opportunities I didn’t think were possible. The two brands are fantastic, the people are fantastic and the kit is outstanding. By far the best combo is the Patrik 90 freestyle or Patrik 78 Trailer wave with the 4.4 Sailloft, can’t wait to use it again in a couple of weeks!

Check out a full interview and more on the EFPT website –