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A quick photo update of a fun session I had today. Thanks to Luca Tribondeau for standing in the cold and taking a few pics whilst he recovers from injury. Windsurfing with a few friends at a new spot for me in deep south Austria, then an after surf beer… sweet! Just 3 weeks and I’m off to Fuerte already where I will be reporting and competing at the European Speed Championships… I’ve never worn a GPS before. After that it’s the UK for my brothers wedding, then back to Fuerte for some training.

Board – 101l Patrik Freestyle

Sail – 5.6 Sailloft Quad

Fin – 16.5cm BR Fins

Kit for sale

So it’s been a while since I updated my website, a lot has happened since whenever I last did this so I will put it in to a much better update in the next days. In the meantime, I’ve got some sails which I need to sell quick so they are going for a pretty decent price. Sizes and prices are as follows, here is an image of them.


4.0 – €220 (£200)

4.4 – €180 (£165) (used sail, needs the main panel replaced)

4.6 – €230 (£220)

4.8 – €250 (£225)

5.2 – €260 (£235)

5.6 – €270 (£240)

Whole quiver for £1200

Going downnn

Ok so a quick one on what’s going downnn as I noticed this evening that I haven’t updated in quite a while. Soooo..


PWA Fuerteventura

Great event but I destroyed myself 6 days before the competition, I’m still suffering from the ligament damage at the moment. Actually if I’m honest I feel like a cripple on the water right now but just getting on with it. Practising a lot of regular stance stuff because switch sucks, that has resulted in double culos becoming fairly dialled, yep a move update claim!

Pre and post PWA Fuerte

Basically I’ve just been training full power and enjoying windsurfing and everything that surrounds it. A lot of my friends came out this year and it was awesome to catch up with them, Tim Cowen was shredding the guitar every moment he got. And living with the groms is an ‘experience’ haha! It’s a lot of fun and pushing them to send it everytime we hit the water is funny, today Nic went for his first pushloops after seeing me trying them off the smallest ‘waves’ in the world, somewhere between those centre 2 wave riders!!


Yep threw out the move claim earlier but here are a couple of videos I uploaded recently. We also did a lot of filming and these are pretty far from the best shots we have. I’ve been sessioning this tiny lagoon which is pretty much a puddle and can’t wait to release the video. We (the groms, myself and Hanna) are working on this one now. Here are the videos…

Greece Trippin’

A little bit delayed but everything has been pretty up and down the last week or two since I got back from Greece, anyway with Fuerte a week away I thought it would be good to share a few windsurfing only pictures from the time I had on the islands of Paros, Naxos and Mykonos. There is far too much to write about right now, so just keep an eye on the mags for the features and hope you like the gallery. As a little note the summer wind hadn’t kicked in yet so it was 5.6 and the 99l board only for the entire trip… Enjoy the snaps courtesy of the lovely Francesca La Croce and thanks to everyone involved for such a great trip!

Under The Bridge

It’s that time of the year again when the BRidge in Vienna is working a lot and just before Russia we had some pretty sick sessions there, when I got back two days ago the first thing I did was check the forecast – the bridge is on… So after a bit of a mission to get there and back I managed to score an awesome hour and half session (damn that BR fin is working good for me right now)  and it was a nice surprise when Walter from Windkrafsports turned up with the camera. Check out the images below and more over at – – thanks for the shots 🙂


EFPT Russki

Last week I got back from a great event in Russia at the Aqualeto Hotel in Yeysk. For me it was the first time I’d ever been to Russia and I really had no idea what to expect when we arrived, like everyone else I just assumed we would be met by a guy in a Russian fluffy hat with a bottle vodka, although Vladimir did his best to greet us like this he was dressed in his boardies with bottles of water when he met us at the airport. Actually this couldn’t have been better as it was just way too hot! After a three hour bus transfer we arrived at the hotel where we were met with a fully prepared camera crew and all the hotel staff and organisers. Over the next 24 hours the rest of the competitors and EFPT crew arrived and we were set for competition. There are a whole stack of images from the event so I will now try to update all the highlights in images/galleries/videos.

The first highlight had to be the climbing, the hotel was fully kitted out with plenty of light wind activities, including a really nice outdoor climbing wall. So with our wait for wind we all had the chance to compete in the DIFFERENT European Free-Climbing Championships… (a.k.a a race up the wall against all the other EFPT competitors). In the end I found that I should consider a free-climbing carrier as I shot up into first place and won myself a pair of very cool DIFFERENT Sunglasses.


The second highlight was the tow-in, I quite enjoy it, it is something to do when the wind is light and it gets more and more fun as I start to land some of the harder moves. Whilst in Russia we had a lot of practice at it, from the normal flat water to being towed at a boat wake for an extra boost. To wrap it all up we then had an official competition for €1000 prize money. After the first round I was stoked to sit on the podium and in the money with the move in the video below. With Steven crashing out on his first run I was already fairly convinced I wouldn’t stay there and thought about what to do next… The top 3 all landed triple funnels so it would either have to be a better one of those or something else that I had never tried as well. After some thought at what would be easier to try I decided that out of a triple funnel, an air funnel into burner and a spock culo, that the spock culo was something different and worth a try, to be honest I’d never tried any of them and the spock culo was the move I could land the most in wind. After a fairly good try (from what I’m told) although it felt pretty uneventful, I scored the highest on technical difficulty but without the landing I equalled that of my first move and Fabrizi managed to get ahead of me by half a point so I ended up 5th. Still pretty happy with that and it leaves me wanting more.

Without realising it Fabrizi was now two up on me after he also beat me in the Poker competition on the second night where we were awarded free cocktails and medals that we couldn’t quite get around our heads, thanks for the photo Rafa… (apparently the gay spanish footballer look I was going for worked a little too well)…


With Fabrizi already two up on me I decided I had to do something about this when it came to the competition as we were head to head in our first heat. I think we’ve sailed against each other once or twice before and he had also beaten me, however, I’d practised one or two moves in the lead up to the competition and managed to land a competition heat that I was happy with. Advancing to the next round I was pretty motivated until I saw Dieter on the ladder… I knew my chances were slim but this was even more so when the wind died in our first attempt at the heat and nobody could really get planning after about 2/3 minutes. Obviously a re-sail was needed as nobody could actually do moves, again the wind was light and gusty and there was a lot of luck as to where you were when the gusts came down. So again we had to re-sail but this time after completing the full heat, but I felt like I’d not had a fair chance at all and it was the right decision. We sailed again, this time I had some time to change to a bigger sail and this time it felt like a fair heat, Dieter still won but I think that switch shaka he did in front of me kind of said it all, good work. So in the end we sailed two full heats against each other.

In the double I got pretty unlucky again, I just couldn’t find the gusts on one tack and despite pumping across the whole heat area I couldn’t get planning enough to do anything better then a sliding upwind 360, the worst flaka attempt of my life because I physically didn’t have enough speed to pop the board out the water. Anyway that heat counted for some reason and I lost out bad because I was in that point of the ladder where you lose once and you drop 4 places! Gutted! From then on the wind got worse and worse but the double was completed, just, and Steven won with some impressive moves in really no wind at all. I think EFPT Head Judge Tom Hartmann did a great job at getting the double finished and really had some hard decisions to make when it came down to the final heats, in the end everyone was impressed we finished it and for sure the judges didn’t have an easy time either, there were some really really close heats!

I really enjoyed Russia and will for sure go back next year, hopefully I can flip my tow-in result with the windsurfing result and get the 5th I wanted! We also had a lot of fun at the opening and closing ceremony as well as some pretty amusing evenings with all the competitors, I think everyone enjoyed the whole atmosphere, relaxed, fun and professional, especially when we had the press conference, was really good to do something like that. I was also pretty stoked when the hotel manager came in to my room and asked me to sign a poster so that it would become the Adam Sims room.

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EDIT: Almost forgot to add this in, the song of the trip… well for Fabrizi anyway, great singing dude 🙂 #inspired

West Kirby in Pictures

Did some serious shredding at West Kirby this last week. Thanks to the Liverpool Uni Massiffff for the pics and for making the cold evenings a little more manageable. Leaving for the first stop on the PWA World Tour next week, looks like it should be fun and hope my ankle can recover properly, I tweaked it out pretty hard again on Thursday, was even a little painful to drive!

Tarifa Video 2013

So here it is, enjoy the short sharp cut, feedback welcome as I will be making a part 2 at some point…

Some thoughts about the trip:
It was a fun trip with a tough ending, I had a pretty hard time and still get affected a little bit by the hit to the head. It was a hard impact with a lot of speed although not the highest attempt at a double forward. It kind of goes to show that it is pretty easy to have quite bad accidents if you get a bit complacent with using things like helmets and impact vests, they are there to be used and I most certainly will be putting one on before I try it again.

The trip itself was really cool, we had good wind most of the time, we travelled north to Portugal and scored some great sessions in the Lagoon there. I was keen to work on my technical moves and claimed a couple of new ones for me that I hadn’t really tried, you can see it in the video… haha!

I went solo on the cutting of this video, I was keen to try out a style that some people may recognise from a video produced in the snowboarding scene, the song is also from that video but I hadn’t seen it in windsurfing before so gave it my best. I had some helpful pointers from Blacklab’s Josh Willmot which was pretty cool and I plan to make a second part in the coming weeks with footage from 2012 and the rest of the Tarifa footage. I really enjoy editing videos and plan to do a lot more of it this year, so I hope you like them…haha

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Random Video Update – Culo Crazy

Just thought I’d share a move clip that obviously can’t make the cut of the video but I figured a few people would like to see some of the conditions we had in Tarifa. It was a mixed bag, generally really nice days but we had about 4 days of cloud and rain but the wind still blew. This is shot in the lagoon, a really sweet freestyle spot that lit up in poniente winds. Aside from that I also wanted to throw up a couple cool video clips I’d seen recently, just to share the incredible shots that they captured.

First up the Culo… Low light, rain and one hell of a water droplet…

I saw this pretty epic video clip just this evening and figured it was worth a share. Truly stunning shots!

This clip is one that I’ve watched A LOT in the two months since it came out and thought it was about time to share it to those unlucky enough to have missed out.

Ok and a song… yep maybe a small copy from my friend and part-time flat buddy Max Matissek and his blog, but this is cool in a sense that I always found it hard to truly appreciate songs where I can’t make out even at least a little bit of the lyrics, but this band somehow buck that trend, it might take a couple of plays to really get it (for the UK folk) but when you do it’s awesome. One for the long drive playlist, these guys have helped me cover 1,000’s of K’s in my van as I cross Europe on my adventures.

Back to that rainy lagoon windsurf, here is a snap mid-move and a ‘hair’ shot, the weather really did put up a weak fight against how much fun our session was that day. As for the overall video, it’s getting there, it’s not packed full of the latest crazy moves but more a sense of lifestyle. It’s a pretty fun edit so far I think…



Hey and if you missed it check out the proto we were working on in Tarifa for BR Fins, complete with it’s on multi-purpose fin case… CLICK HERE


BR Fins – Officially Signed


Ready for the new season, I’m stoked to have been working close with BR Fins on the new carbon textreme fin weighing in at under 150 grams!! Light, stiff, fast , spinny, responsive and a sick graphic, it ticks literally all the boxes!

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