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1st EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) Champion – Tow-in
1st EFPT France (tow-in)
1st EFPT Spain/Costa Brava (tow-in)
4th EFPT Switzerland/Engadinwind (tow-in)
11th European Freestyle Pro Tour – Overall
9th EFPT Lanzarote
9th EFPT Sardinia
8th EFPT Lanzarote


1st EFPT Holland (tow-in)
3rd Overall European Freestyle Pro Tour – Tow-in
11th EFPT Lanzarote


1st European Freestyle Pro Tour Champion Overall (tow-in)
1st UK Freestyle Champion
1st PWA Sylt Expression Session (tow-in)
1st European Freestyle Pro Tour Croatia
2nd EFPT Croatia (tow-in)
3rd EFPT Holland (tow-in)
3rd European Tow-In Championships – Austria
4th PWA Sylt Night Super-Session (tow-in)
6th PWA World Tour France – Tow-In
8th EFPT Lanzarote
18th PWA World Tour Fuerteventura


1st UK Freestyle Tow-In Championships

7th European Freestyle Pro Tour Tow-In


10th European Freestyle Pro Tour


European Freestyle Pro Tour – Windsurfer of the Year

1st UK Tow-In Freestyle Champion

8th European Freestyle Pro Tour

17th PWA World Tour – Austria

Nominated for UKWA Windsurfer of the year - WOOOOO2011

1st Overall UK Freestyle Champion

1st UK FreestyleXpression Session – Essex

2nd National Windsurf Festival Night Tow-in super session

7th UK Wave Pros -Wales

25th PWA Podersdorf


1st UK Amateur Wave Champion

3rd Overall UK Freestyle Champion

25th PWA Fuerteventura


1st Overall Student Wave Champion

1st Overall Student Freestyle Champion

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