EFPT Tarifa – Day 4 Highlight Reel

The best moves, the biggest moves, the most radical moves. Day 4 showed flat water freestyle windsurfing at it’s absolute peak. If yesterday was a day for the history books, today the history books just got rewritten. Sam Esteve flew to new heights as he threw down insane action during his heats. Despite having his best event to date, Esteve was pipped to the post as fellow Frenchmen Adrien Bosson took the event victory.

EFPT Tarifa – Day 3 Highlight Reel

The winds filled in with maximum effect, heats had to be cancelled because the conditions were too intense but nevertheless the riders stepped up their game with mind blowing consequences. World’s first moves were witnessed both in and out of competition. This was a day for the history books.

EFPT Tarifa – Day 1 Highlight Reel

Day 1 of the event saw the lighter onshore winds known as the Poniente kick in, offering up perfect conditions for some jumping moves before the forecasted Levante blasts over the course area in the next few days. Here’s our run down on the spot, the heat area and day 1 of competition, a strong start for Frenchmen Adrien Bosson.