Busted UJ…

Got out at Camber early last week and was on 4.2 for about half an hour when my UJ snapped right out back. Was about a kilometer out and I managed to wave a friend over for some help. As we tried to tie the rig onto the back of his board for him to tow it in a wave broke over us and swept my board away… I had no chance of getting to it as in about 5 seconds it was about 30 meters away. Alex said he would sail in and call the coastguard, he tried to assure me it would be fine but I decided that leaving me on my own was probably not the best call as there was a strong rip and it was a pretty lumpy sea. 

20 minutes later I found my board about 100 meters downwind of where I managed to swim into. Thanks to Alex for staying near me whilst I swam in and stopping to let me rest on his board.
The lesson learnt: get a better UJ!

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