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Namibia Surfari – Get Involved!

Having spent two weeks in Namibia earlier this year I’m stoked to announce that myself and Flo Ragossnig are teaming up to offer the trip of a lifetime to this truly incredible destination with our Namibia Surfari. Having travelled there together we were both totally amazed at how untouched this place was. During our entire trip there we saw just one other windsurfer yet we scored the best windsurfing conditions we have ever experienced.

P1020033_203 1

Annually this country hosts the fastest speed sailors in the world, so we figured there must be a good reason why these guys keep heading back there time and time again. I think the moment our group hit the Namibian waters earlier this year was just one of the moments when we discovered that reason. From that day onwards we didn’t look back; windsurfing in new untouched paradises, camping at some of the most iconic landmarks on Earth and seeing the stunning wildlife in its natural habitat, it really was the dream trip.

Namibia 45 1 1

So myself and Flo are stoked to announce that we will be heading back there this coming January and we will be taking a group of Surfari seeking enthusiasts for a ten day trip of a lifetime. Currently we have space but it’s filling up quicker than we could have imagined, so if you would like to know more and want to be guided around Namibia in a your own 4×4 camping equipped Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, with a bunch of like minded windsurfers, whilst receiving top quality windsurf coaching then please CLICK HERE.

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You can read more about our trip in some of the most popular windsurfing mags in the world over the next couple of months.

Enjoy the ride

PWA Podersdorf – First Ever International Podium!

What a sick event, it all started off pretty slow, my draw looked pretty hard against Yegor Popretinsky, who I had been training with in Egypt just a couple weeks before and his diversity in light winds is through the roof. I was pretty pleased that I had been practising in all conditions during the 5 weeks I spent in Dahab.


My draw for the European Tow-in championships also saw our fleet take to the water last as two other qualifications fleets got under way earlier on in the event. I have to say as well that I had another dose of bad luck but at last followed by some good luck. In my heat against Yegor I was drawn up to sail the fourth heat, so whilst I heard the competition begin I knew I had 30 minutes to get my gear ready. I visited the toilet quick, came back and was just getting my gear ready to sail upwind when I found out my heat was on the water. Heat 4 had joined heat 2 and we were sailing as heat 2, I honestly don’t know how I missed that, maybe it was a late call, maybe it was my mistake, no idea but I’m guessing my heat started around the time my wetsuit was around my ankles and I was sitting on the toilet. I did my best in the ridiculously rubbish wind but could only get planning 2/3 times and thought I’d totally flamed this event, then the luck went my way and head judge Duncan Coombes announces that our entire heat was to be re-sailed. At last, a lucky chance!


So the story continues, I’m sitting there, a little over-partied from the night before and we are about to start the tow-in qualifications, it’s only two runs and I knew what I wanted to do, a clean high double funnel should get me through I imagined. Then as I am ready with my 4.4m and 93l board the wind kicks in and the PWA announce that we are starting our heats, I’m throwing my winter wetsuit on, literally running to get my gear ready and have no idea what to use, Gollito is planning on a 4.4 in the gusts. I opt for my 4.8 but because the wind has only just picked up the water is still pretty flat so I take my 101l board, then I had the heat of my life. A bit under powered a couple of times, 5.2 would have been better, but I’m planning every run at last and managed to pass through to the next round, but that’s as far as competition got, the next heat worked out and then the wind failed us for the rest of the comp, in comes the bad luck, thannnnks world, that would have been good for my ranking.


So once again tow-in was in the limelight. I was feeling a bit apprehensive because of my result in France, it kind of makes you think expectations are higher than ever but I think this actually pushes me in the end. I played it safe, the double funnel to get through but I didn’t go as high or as fast as I had hoped, I just stalled too long, and knew before the score came in that it was too safe. Sitting in 5th it was all or nothing, out comes the double spock and to be honest I think I had another dose of luck because I would have counted it as a crash, nevertheless the crowd loved it and the judges wanted to see more, through to the final but with the lowest score. This meant I had to go first when the final began…


3pm on Sunday and everyone was signing autographs, this was supposed to be our practice session, so I got my gear and went for it. I had about 6/7 practice runs without too many people there and conditions were perfect for tow-in, light offshore wind and as flat as it gets. The result I stuck a couple double spocks in training but also crashed a couple. I got close to a spock culo and decided to try one back up move, the flaka shaka into flaka, or triple funnel, same move in the end with slightly different techniques. I tried it once and got it, so felt comfortable to have that in the bag. Opening up the competition I was pretty nervous, all eyes are on the first run, but I came flying in, the water was glassy and I sent the best double spock of my life, one handed on the second spock and a clean rig flip at the end. Pretty gay claim after but it was a more “will that do” to the judges 🙂 Following that Kiri Thode stuck a perfect double culo and everyone was just like “welcome to the final”!


I tried for the spock culo after that, I thought it was my only chance to get to the top but the landing is so hard, first one I under rotated and the second I over rotated by the tiniest bit. I watched the video back already and it was so close! Anyway I’m coming to the end of this essay, making up for my lack of updates since about this time last year I guess. I was totally stoked to make the podium, it was more than I even dreamed of for this event. I went into the final hoping to come 6/7th and ended up third! Just sick!

Enjoy the gallery, unmarked photos by Martin Reiter.

PWA Leucate – 6th Place Tow-In

Not the best start of the year for me in terms of wind but when you can hardly get planning on one tack it kind of makes life tricky to lay down a balanced heat. Whilst I always sailed a solid starboard tack it was my port tack that was letting me down, mainly because I was counting one move out of three in each heat, both heats I planned 2/3 times in total on that tack… Nevertheless still stoked with my high scores on starboard tack and I even laid down my first ever air chachoo in competition during the single elimination.

LE15_FS_K72_0124 1

For me I am starting to get more and more excited about the tow-in discipline, at least with this everyone gets the same conditions and the same speed into their move… As a result I was stoked to land a forward in the qualifications, which helped me pass to the final. Once in the final I wanted to try a nice burner 720 to kick things off but found myself aiming at the filming boat and was forced to take off for the move much earlier, I almost ended up sitting on the side of the boat and earning myself an infamous Waves Burger from Julien Wesh. In the end I was coming into my last run with two crashes to count, my culo didn’t go to plan and so I played it safe so as not to end up at the bottom of the fleet. I was honestly pretty surprised to hear my double funnel scored so well but also very stoked to come away with 6th place, my highest result yet.

Check out the small gallery below.

LIT Episode 2 – Fuerteventura & Egypt

LIT Part 2 – Fuerte & Egypt from Adam Sims on Vimeo.

LIT Episode 1 – Cape Town



LIT Trailer

In case you missed this on Facebook or Vimeo then check out the trailer from this new video project featuring Adam Sims and Balz Müller. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the real thing which will drop sometime in December 2014.

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LIT – Trailer from Adam Sims on Vimeo.

Ja, ich weiß! – New Video

Here’s a quick cut, filmed on Friday, edited over the weekend and posted on Monday. This is why spring time in Vienna is pretty epic; the wind is good, the weather is warm and the people are awesome!

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Future Windsurfing Stars…

So, just this morning I visited one of the local schools here with my girlfriend Hanna, we got all the 6/7 year old kids out of class and showed them a few windsurfing essentials… How to rig, what the parts were and of course how to throw down a sweet shaka. It was super funny and we had them try out a harness and hook in to Hanna’s 3.3 Sailloft Quad and then got them to stand in the footstraps of the Patrik Slalom board and lean back like they were windsurfing. They each got a photo whilst trying that out (sometimes one or no-handed) and it was super cool to see their excitement and enthusiasm. For sure there are 17 new rippers for the future now and it’s certainly inspired me to do more… stay tuned.


A quick photo update of a fun session I had today. Thanks to Luca Tribondeau for standing in the cold and taking a few pics whilst he recovers from injury. Windsurfing with a few friends at a new spot for me in deep south Austria, then an after surf beer… sweet! Just 3 weeks and I’m off to Fuerte already where I will be reporting and competing at the European Speed Championships… I’ve never worn a GPS before. After that it’s the UK for my brothers wedding, then back to Fuerte for some training.

Board – 101l Patrik Freestyle

Sail – 5.6 Sailloft Quad

Fin – 16.5cm BR Fins

Kit for sale

So it’s been a while since I updated my website, a lot has happened since whenever I last did this so I will put it in to a much better update in the next days. In the meantime, I’ve got some sails which I need to sell quick so they are going for a pretty decent price. Sizes and prices are as follows, here is an image of them.


4.0 – €220 (£200)

4.4 – €180 (£165) (used sail, needs the main panel replaced)

4.6 – €230 (£220)

4.8 – €250 (£225)

5.2 – €260 (£235)

5.6 – €270 (£240)

Whole quiver for £1200