LIVE! EFPT Fuerteventura – Day 1

Our first ever official live stream testing takes place during the Fuerteventura and Lanzarote events these coming two weeks. Here is Day 1, our first ever test. First part:  

My Surf Camper

It’s kind of the ultimate tool for all professional windsurfers, the surf bus, or surf van, or whatever you want to call it. Over the past ten years I’ve had two vans and both have seen me maliciously abuse their guts, stripping them out, re-fitting, trying every possible surfrack vs bed combo. The two essentials… Continue Reading

Namibia Surfari – Get Involved!

Having spent two weeks in Namibia earlier this year I’m stoked to announce that myself and Flo Ragossnig are teaming up to offer the trip of a lifetime to this truly incredible destination with our Namibia Surfari. Having travelled there together we were both totally amazed at how untouched this place was. During our entire… Continue Reading