2010 RRD Twintip 100l first thoughts

Picked up my new 2010 Twintip last week on the day the first shipment arrived into the UK and you can see what I thought of it on the sSs site, click HERE.

The main points were that it somehow allows you to pull off the bigger moves, air funnels, shakas, Konos, etc… when your not even fully powered, which is a massive bonus. I mentioned I would test its sliding ability in it, I got out the next day and well it certainly slides well, got my first one handed eslider 540 and a wet but claimable one handed ‘air’ bob (was the right technique just not high enough to claim the whole air rotation).
Click here for some boardseeker coverage just put up. Thanks guys.
Also thanks to Guy Peters for the pic.
Lastly check out another friend of mine from Uni who has been recording a few songs. Not bad Tim.
See some of you at White(Bright)air

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