brightair goes off….

No wind as expected but as I said before the event there was certainly loads to do which was cool. Climbing walls, simulators, zorbes, wakeboarding, high divers, bands, parties, freestyle jet skiers doing barrel rolls in the air off flat water and the list goes on and on and on, wish they had that stuff at every event, wouldn’t that be cool.

Despite the lack of wind some little people + Max Rowe went out for some crazy light wind freestyle spinning tricks, whilst Al Bentley, Joe O’Callaghan and myself hunted down a jet skiier to tow us. We managed to get out for a couple of runs but there was so much going on that only Joe and I got a go. It’s not the easiest thing in the world but more fun than light wind freestyle.
Jeri plans are coming together, finalising when I’m leaving/who I’m going and staying with, anybody know of a cheap way to get from the airport to Jeri that isn’t the bus?

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