Just returned early from the Tiree Wave Classic. Pretty epic 1500 mile round trip!!! It’s a shame the forecast died right off and it doesn’t look like there will be much to hold the rest of this double let alone try and start another single elimination. I’m hoping for my result they at least finish the first double.

On another note the first day we sailed in competition was absolutely awesome (check pics – courtesy of Pete Darkin), cross off down the line, bit float and rideish but the waves were so clean and if you got it right there were some nice ones to be had!
The day before the event was 3.7 weather which meant either smaller waves at Gott bay but more side shore or bigger waves but more on shore at Ballaphueil, we went for Gott bay to practice our riding a bit but also got some nice jumps as the waves jacked up to over head high.
Going up a week early was a good call as we got some nice conditions, some head high waves and side shore to side on conditions.
Check the SWA website soon for more updates

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