Skiing and video

Back from a weeks skiing in Austria, was awesome and made for a nice little break from windsurfing after doing it everyday for 5 weeks and then all summer. Feeling very christmasy at home at the moment, the trees up, lights on and did the old christmas shopping today, not as bad as i thought it was going to be. Looks like there is some good wind on christmas day, so may sneak out for an afternoon session with a belly full of christmas food and chocolate!

Whilst I was away skiing I managed to get most of my footage together and make a short movie, I’ve just got to add titles and do a couple final bits then I’ll have it up on here (by christmas day, hopefully before)!! I learnt absolutely heaps out there and had an amazing trip, the last week in particular was the best, everything started to come together. It seemed pretty crowded out there, but we hit up the lagoons a lot which normally only had a few other people in.

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