Having been here once before I was pretty excited to get to Sotavento and sail. Despite the slightly bizarre wind patterns, that have given us longer lunch breaks than we all really wanted, we have scored some pretty epic conditions. 3.7 – 4.5 everyday except the first, where we chose to head to the north shore for a surf and scored some overhead sets at Cotillo beach! Great chance to get some practice on my new Al Merrick surfboard that Thorpy sold to me. Awesome board!

The set up for the PWA Fuerte event is a little more progressive than the last minute Pozo event, the massive kit marquee is almost setup on the beach already and a few of the PWA boxes are in place. Also people like Phil Soltysiak, Edvan Souza and Quincy Offringa have already been on the training mission out here!
I’ve really had a good test of my new RRD sails and well they are working an absolute treat!!! I’ll see if I can get a couple of clips up fairly soon, or some pics!!
One last thing to note is the strong UK scene out here. Quite a few of the UK guys from the ex-student scene have been busting out some serious moves…
That’s all for now as the wind has kicked in, bit later than usual today!

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