The world cup kicks off…

So it’s day one of the racing side of the World Cup event out here, we saw the racing kick off from our flat in Costa Calma earlier, looks as thought they are getting a lot of races under the belt already.

Forecast looks pretty good for the next week or so, not the 3.7 weather we have had pretty much every day for the last 2 weeks. Makes a lot of the newer moves easier..once you get setup!

Took a day off yesterday and headed up north to Corralejo and its Water Park, almost worth the entry fee… then did a bit of surfing down the west coast, got my best wave yet I reckon, rode it right in to the inside, then we took the scenic route back. Probably wasn’t the best call as the first obstacle we hit was a river bed with some high rocks which our car had no hope of clearing but some how we ‘scraped’ through.

Off for a long day windsurfing now, got to get in tune with where they are holding the event…

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