single and going into double tomorrow!

So the single saw my first heat being against bubble…seems the PWA like to test new brits that way after max got drawn against him in his first PWA heat…haha!

Anyway was good experience, i didn’t go through as I got thrown by a crash that i have never had before and then it was a bit messy after that, although i almost made the full quota of moves on each tack and did them in the area…!!

Into the double tmrw, i think my draw isn’t too bad, well saying that i’ve got edvan in the second heat, thats if i beat the first person…. we shall see, anyway went downwind for a practice today and had an amazing session, fully stacked on 4.5 and landed sooo many of the latest moves…well thats if you dont count the ridiculous combos seen today on the water, gozzada into burner by gollito!!!

More soon…

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