Home and Video…

So back for a whole 48 hours before I head out to Greece for a few days then home on Friday to go to the Worthing freestyle competition! It will be interesting to see who turns up… after that its the legendary night windsurf event, probably the biggest UK event on the calendar in terms of participation and spectators, although I’m sure the SWA are near-about that mark at their Aussie Kiss event each year!!

As said in a previous post my video is going to be up soon, although had a few words with a friend of mine and looks like I’m going to hold back for an extra week or so and see if I can get some shots in Greece. More on that soon…

As it is, I’m heading down to Camber Sands tomorrow for a sneaky UK windsurf with a few of my friends. Really looking forward to getting out there with them and just enjoying it and having fun, then it’s on to a house party and a 3am departure for Gatwick airport…sleeps over-rated!

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