A cold one…

So went to Whitstable yesterday… still alive…!

Got a video coming soon! Was seriously cold and got the ice cream hands and feet every 2/3 runs, not even joking! Summer boots were probably a bad call!
Anyway I’ll be staying in today…as I’m stuck here! I’ll try out this snow windsurfing though and get some pics! I guess that means Bubble is stuck in his complimentary 5 star accommodation in Sharm for another night. Was supposed to be picking him up from the airport last night!
A few pics…
Rescuing a someone stuck on a hill

-5 recorded in the car before the snow began
Outside my window literally just now..still snowing!
Bubble back to nature..making a log fire (before he left to Egypt)!
A really cold shaka from yesterday (video frame)

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