Camber SUP!!

So a slightly disappointing forecast. Can’t really say I didn’t expect it. I was really excited about it but the fact that it appeared really late and didn’t have much base to it left me hesitant. Despite that I made the call to just a few people about Camber possibly having the once a year conditions this weekend…unfortunately the wind just didn’t come through.

The good news…the swell did. So I got out for an amazing SUP session from 4.30-6.00 (awesome sunset), 2-3 foot peeling waves, I even spotted it barreling over at times. Pretty unheard of at Camber so I was pleased to make the effort and had a great time on the RRD Diamond Line 10’6″…

Next trip all booked up…off to Egypt on the 16th for two weeks before the easter comps! planning to go to Austria…bit more affordable than Vietnam!! Looks like the UK guys (Bubble and Max) are doing well out there. If you haven’t already seen it, then check the live stream out in the morning, Ben Proffitt and Max Rowe are giving some amusing commentary and its on when you wake up in the morning about 7-8 UK time,!

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