EFPT Sardinia – Tow In

So the tow in just finished here in Sardinia and it was pretty choppy, which I kind of prefer anyway as it gives you a ramp to aim for. We had a training session yesterday and then the qualifying heats. 22 guys entered and the top 8 went through to the final session today.

In the qualifying I managed to get a decent air funnel and a burner, which put me through in 3rd place for the final.

One handed air funnel
In the final I came in on the first run and figured I do the same as the day before, air funnel then burner. I went big on the air funnel and crashed it hard. Dieter and Julien both managed to get double air funnels so the pressure was on. Steven crashed and the only other move landed was a single clean funnel. The next run I managed to get this burner (click here) which wasn’t enough to beat the funnel!!!! Putting me in 5th place overall…Steven managed 3rd with a super clean burner and Julien and Dieter took 1st and 2nd!
Tomorrow is the last day for competition and the wind doesn’t look so good…

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