1st Place @ 2011 Freestyle Xpression Round 2 – Weymouth

So had an epic weekend windsurfing in Weymouth, the wind really came in on Saturday and it was full power 4.5/4.9 weather. There was a decent turn out considering many of the top guys were either on the PWA competing, in Vass (or similar) or injured. 10 people competed for a shot at Xpression round 2 and going for the PWA style single elimination, the heats were drawn up. Two other stylers decided to opt for the chilled out approach and just freesail, gaining a few move tips of the guys between heats. Included in the competition was Julia Slack, our numero uno female representation! She sailed well with the more old skool maneuvers but keeping them clean and consistent. It was cool to see and I’m sure she and many of the guys… haha…would love to see some more lady’stylers rocking up…

My first heat was up against Dan Hollman, I feel I sailed a strong heat with a mix of new skool and old skool moves and progressed to the next round. Further down the draw, Oscar Carmichael also advanced and one heat later we met in the final. A bit of a sketchy open to the heat for myself, with a badly crashed move causing a lot of pain in my foot where I recently ruptured the ligament supporting the big toe… this affected me for the rest of the heat and initially Oscar clearly took the lead with his powerful double bouncing flaka, funnel and spocks. However I managed to pull it back in the second half with a nice one handed bob, a shuv-it spock 540 and a couple power moves as well as a couple slidy moves.

Winners pic at the top, also some good sailing from Alex Mitchell and Nick Bentley who fought hard for 3rd place. Note Angus Patrik Webb lying on the floor, who won a pair of the RRD Speedos for best wipeout.

1st – Myself
2nd – Oscar Carmichael
3rd – Nick Bentley

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