My massive foot issues!

So I’m sure quite a few people know already that I have had ongoing problems with my foot. In particular my left big toe. Now although this is a small part of the body it’s become quite obvious that it is fairly useful when it comes to common day activities like standing/balancing/walking/etc… so when I’m trying to bust out the odd freestyle move here and there it doesn’t really help that I have no tendon holding my big toe to the rest of my body anymore. It also doesn’t help that the bone inside the joint has compressed so hard on a number of occasions that there are now floating bits of bone in the toe/foot…niiice!

So after 10 x-rays of the foot and a MRI scan the doctors have concluded that I will need an operation to clear the bits of bone and to part the joint a bit, they will also scrape inside the joint and drill holes in the bone (inside the joint) to promote growth and recovery. Should this fail, quite likely, then a second operation will be required to stop any movement in that toe forever, but that would be far off when I really can’t stand the pain anymore. I suppose I should be a bit disappointed about this as it will take me off the water for a bit and could affect my windsurfing, except I spoke to Steven VB at EFPT Sardinia and he had some issue which meant he cannot bend his big toe at the same joint I may not be able to, and for anyone who has been hiding in a small hole in a Scottish mountain in the last year or so, he just became World Champion.

So all is not lost, but there are the details for those who might want to know… yum yum! First operation will be mid-November.

That said, I had an epic sail last week and got some decent snaps, which I’ll throw up here as soon as I can convert these retarded .cr2 files that my mac is not liking…

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