Night and Day – A photographic update

The last few weeks seem to have flown by with epic session on the lake and under the bridge as well as the PWA World Cup event. Without updating too much in words check out a number of epic photos below. A special thanks to Martin Reiter and Hanna Poschinger for taking the time to capture the shots, this is just a sample…

A quick update of past, present and future

I’ve been in Austria for quite a while now, as many of you already know I competed in the first World Tour event of the year and was pretty happy with my result. It’s a good ‘starting’ point for me. The plan now is to push hard for sponsors, I’ve put a lot of time lately into giving myself the best possibly chance and now I’m keen to see it happen. My sponsorship proposal is all pimped up, should anyone particularly want to see it then fire me a quick request ( – NB. new email address coming this week but that ‘old’ one will always reach me).

The next couple of months are all pretty uncertain but when I have news it will be passed on, there are some pretty exciting prospects though… For the summer, I’ve already booked my tickets for PWA Fuerte and EFPT Sigri. The plan is to finish top 16 at Sigri and top 20 in Fuerte.. or thereabouts.

Enough said, enjoy the pics and as I said, that’s just the beginning…

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