Fuerte – Training update 2

Ok so some more pictures, words and video action now…

Having been here for almost two weeks we’ve scored epic conditions for the whole time… until day 1 of the competition! Literally as soon as the PWA Slalom was meant to kick off the light wind effect known as calima has set in. The forecast looks great but the it is just too hot for the wind to come through. How long it will stay for is fairly unknown, however, a few locals have been saying that Monday looks like breeze on. So in the mean time it’s surfing time over on the other side of the island as well as catching up on a little work and going out for a beer or two. However, that said, I’ve been avoiding the organised parties put on by the event, so far, as apparently competitors who pay a huge entrance fee, who spend a lot of money to be at the event and who are generally on tight budgets have to pay to attend the pre-event parties?! Anyway I won’t go into it but I get the feeling most riders feel the same.

So a personal update goes something along the lines of this – windsurfing, eating, sleeping, windsurfing, windsurfing, eating, sleeping, repeat… It’s really been a great trip and I’ve learnt a lot in just two weeks. With no wind yesterday we hit La Pared for a couple hours surfing, the waves were surprisingly good and it was nice to take a bit of a break. Now I’m pretty keen to see the wind return though. In the meantime Josh from Blacklab put me in front of the camera and told me to speak to Paul Zeper about the event and threw in some pre-event warm up clips. So check that out over on his vimeo channel – https://vimeo.com/46119442. I think the plan is to do something similar today so we will head down later and see what we can get. Any special requests just fire a message my way.

The gallery below includes a couple sequences which I thought were cool, all the shots were taken about 5 days ago by Markus Seidel, thanks very much to him.

In terms of other sailors, I think just about everyone is here now. Two days ago it was still windy and most of the guys got out for a sail in the competition area, actually it was really hard to sail there, you would come in full power and then go to duck the sail in no wind!? Dieter Van Der Eyken was sailing well, actually he seems to be on fire in all conditions. It’s hard to really pick any other stand outs really, I mean the standard is super high so everyone is sailing well but so far it seems a lot of people are crashing moves where you least expect it.

Anyway enjoy the photo gallery and more updates soon.

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