Move Tips – The Forward Loop

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Having found a bit of free time on my hands (that probably means I’ve forgotten something important…) I’ve decided to finally get on with the moves and tips I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The idea was to make podcasts originally but I haven’t yet got a decent mic so have stepped back from that, however I hope to be able to do something whilst out in Tarifa during February. For now I hope you find these useful enough, there should be a fresh move every couple of days during the next week.

For now a nice Sunday evening read on the FORWARD LOOP – CLICK HERE.

The idea is to hopefully make a bit from donations to invest into further clips and stepping them up in the future, so if you find it insightful or helpful then please feel free to make a little contribution. Nothing is compulsory so if it’s not possibly to throw anything towards it then that’s cool but just enjoy and please leave any questions or comments. You’ll find out how to leave tips on the move page.

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