BR Fins, massive gusts and a Granny helping me out my wetsuit

So yesterday we had a little adventure to a spot near Vienna, myself, BR and Chri made the journey to Greifindor (Greifenstein) and I figured I’d warm back into it slowly, my foot wasn’t really feeling that stable so doing too much slidy gayness was out of the question… what a shame… Anyway was a good session and happy to have hit the water but I’m most happy about the 4.6 Quad I was using and the BR fin I had a go on for the first time. It really was the perfect shape and size was really easy to use – controllable yet playful, with a sick graphic. Hopefully I will get another test tomorrow before hitting the road for the UK, I’ll make sure I report back on the fin again soon. Funniest part was probably coming in before the others and trying to get out of my wetsuit, was one of those ones with the zip across the back, after a lot of struggling I got it far enough that I could get my head out but then realised this didn’t help, in the end a granny was out strolling with her dog, obviously hadn’t noticed the sideways rain at that point, and she came over and combined with me pulling on the roof rack strap that I had attached to the zipper jobby, I was free, she then said that I should lose some weight so it’s not so tight….. ooook!

Images below were all taken by Max ‘BR’ Brinnich.


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