Tarifa Video 2013

So here it is, enjoy the short sharp cut, feedback welcome as I will be making a part 2 at some point…

Some thoughts about the trip:
It was a fun trip with a tough ending, I had a pretty hard time and still get affected a little bit by the hit to the head. It was a hard impact with a lot of speed although not the highest attempt at a double forward. It kind of goes to show that it is pretty easy to have quite bad accidents if you get a bit complacent with using things like helmets and impact vests, they are there to be used and I most certainly will be putting one on before I try it again.

The trip itself was really cool, we had good wind most of the time, we travelled north to Portugal and scored some great sessions in the Lagoon there. I was keen to work on my technical moves and claimed a couple of new ones for me that I hadn’t really tried, you can see it in the video… haha!

I went solo on the cutting of this video, I was keen to try out a style that some people may recognise from a video produced in the snowboarding scene, the song is also from that video but I hadn’t seen it in windsurfing before so gave it my best. I had some helpful pointers from Blacklab’s Josh Willmot which was pretty cool and I plan to make a second part in the coming weeks with footage from 2012 and the rest of the Tarifa footage. I really enjoy editing videos and plan to do a lot more of it this year, so I hope you like them…haha

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