Going downnn

Ok so a quick one on what’s going downnn as I noticed this evening that I haven’t updated in quite a while. Soooo..


PWA Fuerteventura

Great event but I destroyed myself 6 days before the competition, I’m still suffering from the ligament damage at the moment. Actually if I’m honest I feel like a cripple on the water right now but just getting on with it. Practising a lot of regular stance stuff because switch sucks, that has resulted in double culos becoming fairly dialled, yep a move update claim!

Pre and post PWA Fuerte

Basically I’ve just been training full power and enjoying windsurfing and everything that surrounds it. A lot of my friends came out this year and it was awesome to catch up with them, Tim Cowen was shredding the guitar every moment he got. And living with the groms is an ‘experience’ haha! It’s a lot of fun and pushing them to send it everytime we hit the water is funny, today Nic went for his first pushloops after seeing me trying them off the smallest ‘waves’ in the world, somewhere between those centre 2 wave riders!!


Yep threw out the move claim earlier but here are a couple of videos I uploaded recently. We also did a lot of filming and these are pretty far from the best shots we have. I’ve been sessioning this tiny lagoon which is pretty much a puddle and can’t wait to release the video. We (the groms, myself and Hanna) are working on this one now. Here are the videos…

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