Gwithian BWA final event

I almost didn’t make this event as I had already decided not to go because the cost of getting all the way down there and entering, etc. was close to making me bust before Jeri (leave on Wed…siiiick).

So I was sitting in the office earning precious pennies on the Thursday, looking at the forecast a lot, and after a number of phone calls I managed to arrange a place to stay with my Uni flat mate and his girlfriend (Ed and Anna) as Ed was entering the Amateurs. With that i left straight after work in my suit… not fully prepared but with most of my stuff from Tiree in there still, I got down pretty late and straight to bed. I was lucky enough to enter late and although I missed the single elimination I managed to make it out for the double.
First heat..Chris Murray, Nick Moffat were in it..not an easy one as I knew Murray had spent the previous winter in cape town and Nick was ripping at the moment and I’d been at Camber all summer…starboard tack cross-on…the only practice I had was in Tiree when we had one port tack day. Anyway, first wave in was a 6 so pretty happy with that one and then a 4.5 later, not so great but not bad either. The judges put me 1st, 2nd and 2nd which apparently put me on a draw with Moffat so I won it on highest wave score.
Second heat…couldn’t water start for half the heat, caught one wave and it closed out on me, the second wave didn’t happen either…literally the worst heat of my life so that’s one to leran from and put behind me.
Packing for Jeri now…….

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