14th Overall Pro on BWA

So it’s my first year competing/finishing the UK wave series (now the BWA series) and I’m really happy with not just my overall result but also my individual results for each event as I have managed to improve each time on the previous event also beating slightly better people each time. I’ve learnt heaps this year when it comes to wave sailing and although I considered myself more a freestyler at Uni I’m now really enjoying the waves as well. That said I’m off to Jeri in a few hours for 5 weeks which will be mainly freestyle, although I hear the waves are big enough for backies/pushies so I’ll get them sorted and a whole load of other tricks hopefully.

Anyway keep an eye on this blog as I’m planning to upload a little video update each week, maybe with a move in and a few tips on how to do it.
Bring on Jeri and next years BWA….

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