Been getting down to a bit of hardcore work action at the moment…real fun!

Outside of that I went down to Portsmouth a couple weekends ago for their wave event….shame the wind didn’t really show up except for a twenty minute squall… Did some intense turfdogging though, couple of pics below!

Been out windsurfing 3 times in 3 months now… keep telling myself the break is doing me good. Tried to go out again today but wind wasn’t quite there, it was stupdily cold and shore dumpy! Also kept telling myself I’m going to be in Egypt in two weeks, out there for 5 weeks. Also booked up some of my summer with a week in Pozo and a month in Sotavento, Fuerteventura.
Not much windsurfing then but I have been pimping my van instead. Got it wrapped in a Matt Black vinyl and changed the interior a lot, no bed anymore. Wasn’t convinced with the new colour at first, but love it now, I’ll throw up some pics soon.
Working on a movie for Uk freestylers, had issues as my mac broke down on me and I only just got it back. Also a Student Surfari I am organising through Centaur Travel for anyone who wants to be a student, is a student or feels the have a right to hang out with the young windsurf folk (most people who windsurf then…) CLICK HERE to be taken to the facebook group for it!!!
Can’t wait to get to Egypt now!!!!!!!
KIT FOR SALE, get in touch if interested, email:!!

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