Xpression – DVD Trailer and news!

So here is a link to the first Xpression DVD, named the imaginative Project ONE…(leaving it open a bit for possible future plans) and this is an Xpressions


It’s nothing to rave about, none of this four dimensions malarky but it is a lot of good moves by a lot of good sailors who you may hear about in the mags and online and not really get to see very much. A few of these vids have gone up online already but this is a collaboration of all the UK Freestyle windsurfers on one disc, in one place and some bonus footage, including unseen rider videos, move clips and a short movie dedicated to the UK freestylers who trained hard in Brazil this winter.

This is just the trailer…the DVD is available as of Friday 19th March. So to pre-order please get in touch with myself or willy@freestylexpression.co.uk

The final cost is £6.75 for the DVD all proceeds go to covering costs of the manufacturing of the DVD and   if there are any profits then these will be put into the running of the freestylexpression.co.uk site and their meet ups!


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