Pimp my ride anyone….

So just before I went away I got my van wrapped in a Matt black vinyl, its a very quick way of getting your van colour changed and cheaper than anything else, unless of course you spray it yourself. Anyway at first I was pretty unsure when I first saw it, but then it only took a day or so for it to sink in and I reckon anything beats a white van, although I guess I no longer have an excuse for driving like a absolute pen15!!

Anyway I took them less than a day to do and cost a good part under a grand. If anyone is thinking about getting it done though, book your van/car in for the sunniest hottest day you can, as the vinyl shrinks when it gets hot, causing it to grip tighter to the panels, but it does pull the edges in. It’s not been too much of a problem except for one corner which has pulled itself in to show some of the white underneath.

Got a few extra bits for the outside coming, but one thing it seriously needs is some alloys… any ideas/donations…

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