1st UKWA Freestyle Round 1, Poole!

So the event had about 15 knots maximum of wind and that was for about 2 minutes once we had all packed up and finished for the weekend… either way it was good to catch up with people and see how things are going to be for the up coming year.

So Saturday we did a bit of professional mincing which was pretty ideal after sending it hard the night before, then we sacked it in and did some turfdogging for a while, shredding up the concrete down at sandbanks! Then crashed at Al and Nick Bentley’s place, had a goooooood meal and a late start the next morning thanks to a few bottles of wine! Got down to the beach to some light winds on Sunday but we gave it a shot and they ran some heats. Al and I were drawing after the first two heats so it was down to the final round, somehow I managed to get planning a couple of times and put in a semi e-slider…if you can call it that…. and a radical duck tack, then a few geckos, upwind 360’s and clew first upwind 360’s later and I managed to nab it! Unfortunately Sam Neal got stuck in a bit of a tacking trance and came consistently third, good consistency though.
Anyway a fun weekend and still really enjoy going to events even when there is no wind, always something to do. Thanks to Trevor Funnel and the team for organising it all and Duncan and Hugo for judging.
Wales next weekend, then Ireland! Hopefully get some pics for then and maybe some video if I can get a new camcorder in time (left my other one in Funny Mummy’s Restaurant in Dahab…)!

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