blogging hell!!

So a quick blog update!! My comp has been down for sometime now, so using oneof my brothers but to keep anyone who is interested in the loop I came thrid at the freestyle nationals, which I was really happy about as I made the podium, which I knew wasn’t going to be easy. I was second in the tow in freestyle which was cool. Third time I’ve ever done that and tried ducking the sail for some new skool moves….hmmm…

Aside from that I’ve just started to hit the road on the UK RRD road trip… turning up at a shop near you, and showing off all of the 2011 gear. Got out on the hardcore quad the other day… awesome board, I’ll be going with those for this year then. I have yet to try the twinfin freestyle board RRD are bringing out this year but as soon as I do I’m sure I’ll write something up on here. I hear they work suuuper well!!

Off for a fat face photo shoot tmrw in the middle of a secret location.. 😉 should be fun though as I think me and a kitesurfing friend of mine just have to do loads of moves behind the people who are modelling…or something like that!!

Anyway I’ll see if I can get more info up on here tmrw eve!

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