Fat Face photo shoot

Here is a quick snapshot of what was going on yesterday at the fat face photoshoot. It was a really fun day and the photographers were brilliant, if not a little crazy 😉 shouting at us to get closer and closer on each run until eventually I shot by about 4 inches from the lens and had to look back to double check nothing had actually glanced him.
To keep it short we got up pretty early and drove down to Portsmouth where Thomas Cawte and I were picked up in a rib and taken over to Cowes, where we met the boat (in the background of the pic). We rigged up pretty quick on a private beach. Then sailed about in front of the boat for a couple of hours pulling off a load of moves for the cameras.
The boat then pulled into Portsmouth harbour where I ended up baring my chicken legs for the camera as I was asked to be in the sock shot for the catalouge. So make sure you grab a copy of the spring summer catalouge next year and pop into the shop to see the pics and a video..loads more like the above.
Off to Whitstable for a cheeky windsurf now!!

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