The long road to Tiree and 88TTT test

Could be my last post until after Tiree as I still don’t have my mac back…good work Apple….

Had an epic journey up here!! 13 hour drive, one stop at Tunbridge Wells and one at Boardwise in Cannock! Literally never had the van more rammed with kit..something like 15/16 boards in total and too many sails to count, all in a SWB low roof Transit!

Bubble got dropped off by Max at mine yesterday on their way back from Sylt…pretty sure he is a professional van passenger now?!
It’s pretty windy on the island by the sounds of it and the forecast looks good for the next couple of days but light after that… we’ve got video cameras, so I’m sure we will capture some stuff and get it up from a riders perspective.
Updates on other recent stuff, I’ve used the new RRD Twintip 88l Twinfin board. Absolutely awesome board, it gave me a lot of pop for my moves and you could really feel it for shakas. Yet in the earlier moves, spocks, flakas it just felt really slidy and controlable. I’ll get out on it this week and get some more up on it, but I’m certainly getting the 100l in the twinfin version as well!!!

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