Tiree fun and games

So tiree has been pretty quiet as you may be aware… But looks like we are meeting at the beach for first possible start at 3!

For a lot of no wind days we seem to have been getting up to quite a bit, I managed to lose my bumper the other night but it was swiftly repaired by mechanics bubble and bryony shaws boyfriend (what a guy), he’s called greg king!

Other highlights have to be the tow in freestyle most evenings, wakeboarding and tow in surfing minus the surfing waves part!

Now the community centre is open we’ve been doing some sweet table tennis practice and smashing some table football goals….

Oh can’t forget George and muzzas attemps at flight using two windsurf rigs! It was all filmed so I’m sure it’ll be up somewhere soon!

Just noticed a cheeky clip on coninentseven of a puneta during my heat, take a look!

Better head to beach soon, just incase we get rolling today (just said that mid de-bag from sam Neal…niiice)

so yeh more soon

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